Vote for your favorite cookie-inspired gelato flavor! Black Dog Gelato is supporting our local Girl Scout troops this season with a March Cookie Madness Bracket-style Contest! The Final Four, or Featured Four as we like to call them, Flavors will be in our Featured Flavors Box for March’s Pint Club!

Brackets will be posted on this page throughout the tournament! Voting started February 22nd, and will end March 28th! Follow us on Instagram or sign up for our email list today to stay up-to-date on all of the action!



  • Each flavor was submitted by a local area Girl Scout troop as part of our March Madness Contest and features one of their cookies!
  • Pre & First Round of Voting — 64 flavors in this round!! Due to an amazing amount of participation from local troops, we will have a Pre-First Round from February 22nd-26th to vote the 64 flavors down to 32; and a follow-up First Round from February 27th-28th to vote the 32 flavors down to 16! You MUST have a bracket submitted before February 26th to participate in both of these voting rounds! The top 16 flavors from this round will move on to the Second Round – the Sweetest Sixteen!
  • Second Round of Voting — Sweetest Sixteen! 16 flavors in this round; begins March 1, 2021 and closes March 4, 2021. The top flavors from this round will move on to the “I’ll-Eat 8.” The I’ll-Eat 8 Flavors will also be featured in March’s Special Menu Sampler Box – 8 half pints of each flavor, available for purchase beginning March 5th! A portion of the proceeds from the sampler box will be donated to support local Girl Scouts.
  • Third Round of Voting — I’ll Eat Eight! 8 flavors in this round; voting begins March 5, 2021 and closes March 7, 2021. Be sure to get your votes in here, folks! The Final Four Flavors will be the Featured Flavors for the March Box as our Featured Four!! Yes, you read that correctly – ALL March Boxes* will have FOUR PINTS instead of three this month!  *Signature & Dairy-Free Boxes will include one of the “Final Four” Flavors as their bonus pint with a dairy-free modification for the Dairy-Free Box.
  • Featured Four Flavors announced March 8, 2021!  The Featured Four flavors will have all of the cookies purchased from the troop member that submitted the recipe for that flavor. The ordering deadline for March is March 11th! Be sure to get your orders in by then!
  • Final Round of Voting — For the final round, we will hold off on the voting until after all customers have picked up/received their boxes and have a chance to taste some of the amazing flavor creations brought to us by local Girl Scout Troops. The Featured Four voting will begin during the “Championship Week” – beginning March 22, 2021 and ending on March 28, 2021!
  • The March Cookie Madness Flavor Champion will be announced March 29, 2021.The winning flavor will be featured in the shops for the entire month of April or May, depending on when shops open up for the season!

*DISCLAIMER: The brackets will be a bit different than your typical NCAA tournament. For each round of voting, we will allow submissions for new brackets based on the winners from the previous round, so you will be able to submit a new bracket during each round of voting, unlike a typical bracket challenge where you keep the same bracket all the way through and receive points based on accuracy.


  1. No purchase necessary! Anyone can participate – encourage friends and family to join in the fun & help support local Girl Scout Troops in the process!
  2. New brackets can be submitted during each round of voting. For example, you can submit an initial bracket during the First Round. Once the Sweetest Sixteen are announced, you can submit another bracket from the Sweetest 16 forward for the next round. We do ask that each person submits only two brackets per round! Scouts honor!
  3. We encourage you to follow us on social if you are not already! In addition to bracket tracking, we will be highlighting different local Girl Scout troops on our social channels every few days along with links to their digital cookie sale sites for you to get your cookie fill! Or, click HERE to check out all of the troop info, including digital cookie site links, for the participating Girl Scout Troops! 
  4. Questions about the March Cookie Madness Bracket Contest can be directed to .

March Cookie Madness!

Cookie-inspired gelato flavor contest supporting local Girl Scouts!

Black Dog Gelato in Chicago


March Cookie Madness!

Cookie-inspired gelato flavor contest supporting local Girl Scouts!