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To avail of the most authentic Italian gelato it's necessary to take a trip to Florence, Italy where it is believed to have made its first appearance. Fortunately, a wide range of delectable and sinfully delicious flavors of Gelato can be enjoyed right at the heart of Chicago. Black Dog Gelato has the finest answer to any of your gelatos, ice creams and sorbets craving. Gourmet gelatos and other satisfying cold desserts are made from scratch at Black Dog's test kitchen. High in quality, flavor, and texture most of their desserts are produced in small batches so you can expect a fresh batch each day.

A line of seasons best fruits highlights a selection of sorbets with flavors like;orange canteloupe summer, berry peach, ice tea blueberry, banana dark chocolate, coffee concord, grape blackberry, lime rose water, pineapple basil and more.

There is no need for the figure conscious ones to deprive themselves from savoring the mouthwatering goodness of Black Dog's low fat desserts using whole milk. Head on to Lincoln square and experience Black Dog's desserts firsthand or have them delivered at your doors from Monday thru Saturday.