Our Gelato


Signature Flavors

Our signature flavors are AVAILABLE AT ALL OUR Chicago shops. They are consistently some of our best sellers and beloved by our customers.




Mint Cookie

Espresso Chip


Chocolate Sorbet*


Monthly Flavors & COLLABORATIONS

WE also FEATURE specialty FLAVORS IN OUR shops and collaborate WITH many well-known Chicago restaurants, breweries, and businesses THROUGHOUT THE YEAR TO CREATE NEW AND INNOVATIVE FLAVORS. CHECK out some of our featured Flavors.

specialty flavors

Birthday Cake

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Not Pumpkin Spice

Brandied Apple Pie*

*Made with RHINE HALL‘s La Normande Brandy

Concord Grape Sorbet

Gelato versus Ice Cream

Gelato and ice cream are similar in that they both are made with cream, milk, sugar and eggs. However, gelato is creamier, smoother and silkier, as well as denser and more elastic than ice cream. In the gelato making process, less air is incorporated while churning, which is how gelato achieves its creamy texture with less fat than traditional American style ice cream. 

Another difference is serving temperature. Gelato is served warmer than ice cream, around 7 to 12 degrees Fahrenheit, which leaves your mouth less numb so you are better able to taste the intense flavors.

All of our flavors begin with our custom base which is flavored and matured for 24 hours. The liquid bases are then delivered to our gelato shops for spinning. Only the gelato we make that morning is sold that day. In the summer months, we produce between 400-700 gallons a week. 

Come to our shops and see the difference for yourself! #ChicagoStyleGelato