Black Dog Gelato’s Story

Black Dog Gelato is named after a dog and inspired by a true love for gelato.

In 2007, Jessica Oloroso, a Chicago native, left her post as Pastry Chef at Stephanie Izard’s Scylla. Armed with tons of inspiration, she rented space in a shared kitchen and began crafting her recipes. In 2010, she opened her first scoop shop in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village. Chef Jessie has been featured on Cooking Channel’s Unique Sweets and FYI Network’s Food Porn. Her gelato has been listed in numerous “Best of” lists locally and nationally.

But don’t let the pedigree fool you, she’s not out for awards. All Chef Jessie cares about is bringing you the absolute best, Chicago Style Gelato. Since 2010, she’s dived deep into flavors to serve you the absolute best and authentic gelato in Chicago.

Gelato lovers can find us in Ukrainian Village at 859 N Damen Ave.

Favorite dessert (to eat AND make):

Favorite Black Dog Gelato flavors:
To eat: Mint Cookie or Chocolate
Most proud of: Sesame Fig Chocolate Chip

Favorite Chicago neighborhoods:
Rogers Park
Ukrainian Village
West Loop
Logan Square

Jessica Oloroso