Girl Scout Contest 2024

Girl Scout Contest 2024


Black Dog Gelato is supporting our local Girl Scout Troops this season by hosting our 3rd Annual March Cookie Madness Gelato Flavor Contest! 8 Flavors (the I’ll-Eat 8) will be available for purchase at our Ukrainian Village Location (859 N Damen Ave) in March! 

Your objective? Create a new gelato flavor using your favorite Girl Scout cookie – pick a base gelato flavor (like chocolate or vanilla, for example), add some mix-ins or swirl-ins (don’t forget to include your cookie!), do your best to describe your gelato vision, and finish it off with a creative name!

Check out the Contest Rules, Additional Information, Voting Timeline, and Flavor Submission Link below!

GIRL SCOUT RULES & ADDitional info


  1. Contest is open to any active Girl Scout Troop registered in the Greater Chicago & NW Indiana council. 

  2. Only Troops may submit a flavor; submissions from a single girl will not be allowed. However, each level within a Troop (i.e. Daisy, Brownie, Girl Scout, Junior) may submit up to 2 Flavor ideas for the competition each featuring a Girl Scout cookie flavor!

  3. Troops must agree to have the Troop’s name and number used on Black Dog Gelato’s social media platforms. Any additional information used for Black Dog Gelato Marketing purposes will be done so only with the written permission of each Troop.

  4. Flavors must be submitted using the Flavor Submission Form at the bottom of the page.

  5. Do not use any copyrighted products, brands, celebrities, public figures, etc., when naming your gelato. Unfortunately, we also cannot use the actual Girl Scout Cookie name in either the flavor title or the description, so we will default to using the same description in the flavor for all cookies.

  6. Once all entries have been received, 8 Flavors will be chosen by the Culinary Team at Black Dog Gelato to compete for Best Flavor. Not every flavor is guaranteed to make it through!

  7. Final Deadline for submissions is February 13, 2024.

  8. Customers of Black Dog Gelato can rank and vote for their favorite flavor(s) in store throughout the month of March. We may also include voting options on our Instagram page – make sure anyone supporting your Troop and flavor who has an Instagram account is following @blackdoggelato.

  9. Black Dog Gelato will purchase the required number of cookies to make each flavor in the I’ll-Eat 8 from the Troop that submitted the flavor if they want. Troops must drop off the cookies at our Ukrainian Village location (859 N Damen Ave Chicago IL 60622) between 2/17 – 2/24 during times we are open. Should Troops decline our offer to buy their cookies, cookies will then be purchased from a different Troop. 

  10. These 8 flavors will be available for purchase at our Ukrainian Village location (859 N Damen Ave Chicago IL 60622) in March. Purchases are available on a first come, first served basis. There will not be an option to pre-order flavors in 2024. Please find our location and hours here.


  1. We will host a rank-style voting competition at our store throughout the month of March. If any voting options are posted online this will be a head-to-head competition, pairing flavors against one another based at random, their similarities, or their popularity. We encourage you to invite friends and family to visit our store to participate in the voting as well as to follow us on Instagram @blackdoggelato to advance your flavor.

  2. Flavors chosen to participate may need to be modified by Black Dog Gelato to adhere to certain production standards or procedures.

As to not infringe on any trademarked property, the Girl Scouts have asked that we do not mention any specific cookie by name. If your Troop submits a flavor, please design a name that does not include the actual name of the cookie. The description can include words that would indicate the cookie, such as “chocolate mint cookie,” but not “Thin Mints.” The name of the flavor may also be more abstract or fun.



  1. Voting will be open to the public, including all Black Dog Gelato customers, in March. Be sure to invite your friends and family to participate by visiting us at our Ukrainian Village Location (Black Dog Gelato 859 N Damen Ave Chicago IL 60622).
  2. Voting Starts March 1st! – the Troop’s flavor that ranks highest will be featured in April for our Pint Club members! The winning Troop will also receive (2) pans of their winning flavor (pickup available in April, we will coordinate with the winning Troop). 2 pans serves roughly 50 people on average. 

Flavor Submission Form

Click here to submit your Gelato Flavor!  

Questions? Email with questions or concerns about the contest! 

Let the MADNESS begin!!!