A Delicious List of Women-Owned Restaurants in Chicago

A Delicious List of Women-Owned Restaurants in Chicago

Karen Hawkins of Rebellious Magazine recently named Jessie Oloroso as one of their favorite Chicago woman foodies. Here’s the excerpt:

Kind of eater I am: With respect to food, I will try almost every once. I have enjoyed everything from coagulated pigs’ blood to roasted guinea pig.

Why I love this place: The gelato is the best in the city. Black Dog always has the most unusual and creative flavors. It’s locally owned and everything is freshly made. When they run out of a flavor, they run out (though you sometimes can buy yesterday’s gelato in pints). Black Dog is the perfect place to go on a hot summer night with a slight breeze. Outside the Ukrainian Village location, there are park benches where you can eat your gelato and pet the passing dogs. It’s a proud little neighborhood institution.

A not-to-miss dish: My absolutely favorite gelato is the “Goat Cheese Cashew Caramel.” However, it’s very popular and so it runs out quickly in a night. The “Blueberry French Toast” and the “Strawberry Balsamic” are also delightful. It’s not really the place to go if you want a simple chocolate or vanilla.

Fun fact: Oloroso named the gelato after her black dog Kaya. It might also explain why it’s a popular spot for people with their dogs.